Where There’s A WillSneak in. Break out. Inherit the new year.

Where There’s A Will sees you enter a house to find your rightful inheritance… but are you smart enough to get out in time?
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Where’s There’s A Will

My dear Grandmother has passed away and I am owed several things from her estate, unfortunately there are those who would rather I didn’t receive the things I’m owed…

So, it’s a simple task, my friends:

Step 1. Sneak into my Granny’s house.

Step 2. Find her will.

Step 3. Gather as many items owed to me on that will as you can.

Step 4. Escape before the strike of midnight!

Best of luck!


Age Range: 10 Years – 98 Years.

Difficulty: You will be challenged.

Wheelchair Access: I’m afraid not. Sadly this room was built in a part of the building that is simply not properly accessible. My sincere apologies.