Starpoint Alpha (Closed)
Sensors indicate you are the station’s last hope.

Starpoint Alpha’s orbit has destabilised! You will need to get aboard, repair the station’s systems, and restore normal operations – before it’s too late.

Starpoint Alpha (Closed)

Starpoint Alpha’s orbit is failing. It is only a matter of time before it will collide with the Earth. The risk is great, so the Professor has called upon his best team to fix the situation.

Sadly, that team was unavailable. So it falls to YOU to save Starpoint Alpha!

This is no simple game of escape (after all the only thing outside the door is the void of space!), instead you must take control of the damaged station, reroute power, realign sensor matrices, and so much more. Hopefully, when all is working as it should, you will be able to find a way of evacuating safely.

And then there is the question of what caused the catastrophe in the problem in the first place…

The challenge the Professor tasks you with is tremendous, but we know… think… hope that you’re up to the challenge.


Age Range: 10 Years – 150 Years (Earth Standard)

Venue: Wolverhampton

Difficulty: You will be challenged.

Wheelchair Access: Access to the majority of the room, additional accommodations may be possible. Contact for details.

Additional notes: Due to the use of electromagnets in Starpoint’s construction, electronics such as mobile phones and digital watches are explicitly banned from this encounter. This is for the safety of your devices, as one of our own phones was (sadly) already sacrificed in the station’s construction. If you are equipped with a pacemaker, please contact us on the subject.