Sanctum (Closed) Cogito ergo doom

If you leave a room alone long enough, it begins to become jealous. Sanctum has been alone. Now Sanctum wants to play…

Sanctum (Closed)

I built many rooms at Clockwork Escapes, my friends. Rooms of puzzles and wonder. Rooms to be explored and solved. Rooms to be enjoyed. Of course, I would need my own private area. A place to rest. A place to ponder. A place to design and concoct…

Sadly, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to spend any time in this part of Clockwork Escapes for quite a while. Rooms get lonely too, my friends. Rooms can sense the fun and joy around them. The entertainment they lack.

We call it the Sanctum, now. The lonely room. The jealous room.

I don’t think it realises what it is doing, what it is becoming. It can’t think yet. It’s all instinct. Osmosis, absorbing the mental activity around itself. I think it has slumbered, my friends. It has dreamed. But now it is beginning to awaken.

The other rooms get played and enjoyed by hundreds of players each week, all while Sanctum slept. It sensed this.

And now Sanctum wants to play…


Age Range: 10 Years to 100 Years.

Venue: Wolverhampton

Difficulty: A little more so than our others, testing bears out… (More info when we have more data)

Wheelchair Access: Fully wheelchair accessible.

Additional notes: Due to the use of electromagnets in Sanctum’s construction, electronics such as mobile phones and digital watches are explicitly banned from this encounter. This is for the safety of your devices, as one of our own phones was (sadly) already sacrificed to the room. If you are equipped with a pacemaker, please contact us on the subject.