Mind Palace
Professor Clockwork’s Mind PalaceThe professor has been thinking lately… perhaps a little too deeply.

Professor Clockwork’s Mind Palace will take you deep into the thoughts of the great man himself, searching for the plans to the ‘perfect’ escape room.
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Professor Clockwork’s Mind Palace

Search for the Professor’s perfected escape room plans, but be wary; search too deep, and you may be trapped in his mind for all time.

This room will challenge both your left and right brain…

New puzzles, cryptic clues and challenging ideas await those that dare enter Professor Clockwork’s Mind Palace.


Age Range: 12 Years – 82 Years.

Venue: Telford

Difficulty: You will be challenged.

Wheelchair Access: Access to the majority of the room. The inaccessible area does not require the entire team to enter it for you to get what you need.

Additional notes:  This is our first room at our new venue, Clockwork Escapes Telford. Please check the location and travel plans carefully.