The Legend of Foole's Gold
The Legend of Foole’s GoldBusiness has been hard for the Professor recently, but this new idea is a gold mine!

Old Man Foole has died and left behind a wealth of riches,
buried deep in his mine.
The Professor would like you to… acquire some of it.
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The Legend of Foole’s Gold

Old Man Foole has left behind a wealth of minerals and jewels, the kind that would help the Professor run experiments for years to come! He just needs a bunch of ne’er-do-wells for a little heist…

That’s where you come in!

Prepare for Clockwork Escapes’ most ambitious game yet (and, quite possible, the Professor’s new favourite): A heist to steal as much gold and jewels from Old Man Foole’s mine and escape with your bag full! At the end of the run your bag will be weighed and you will be added to the Score Board to see how you did versus all of our other tricky thieves.

Time for a room that’s just as physical as it is mental, pushing, pulling, throwing, lifting, are all important here, so be ready for it. And yes, it’s pretty dark in the mine, but with far more light than Alleyway, don’t you worry.

Times have been tough in 2020, my friends, but this one will make business pick up. After all: This idea is a Gold Mine!


Age Range: 12 years – 81 years.

Venue: Telford

Difficulty: Not too hard to get out of, but much more difficult to collect ALL of the gold for maximum points.

Wheelchair Access: Access to the majority of the room. The inaccessible area does not require the entire team to enter it for you to get what you need.

Additional notes: 

It gets rather dusty in the old mine, so don’t wear anything too fancy! You’ve been warned!

This is our second room at our new venue, Clockwork Escapes Telford. Please check the location and travel plans carefully.