Elf Insurance
Elf InsuranceWhen Santa can’t help you.
When you’ve nowhere else to turn.
Maybe you need… Elf Insurance.

The best of the best of Santa’s Spec-Ops take on their
toughest mission yet: Deliver the goods to the trickiest of households…
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Elf Insurance

Like any operative, he goes by many names: Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Old Saint Nick, but when the job is too tough for even Santa to crack it, he sends in the experts: The ELF Team.

You are The ELF Team, Santa’s Spec-Ops, and you have a tricky mission ahead of you: The Macallister family have been trying to trap Santa for years. You must evade their tricks and traps, deliver their gifts, and leave without a trace. And this time the chimney is not an option.

But more than that, seems the presents aren’t labelled. It’ll be up to you to figure out which gift is for which family member.

Your team will be scored on SPEED of completion, ACCURACY of gift deployment, STEALTH of engagement, and BONUS POINTS for Christmas Cheer.

THIS IS A LIMITED TIME ENGAGEMENT. This gift will self destruct on December 25th…


Age Range: 12+ on their own (6+ with adults, and we’re pretty flexible on the latter).

Venue: Wolverhampton

Difficulty: Getting the gifts in and getting yourself out won’t be too tricky, but getting a high Mission Rating will be very, very tough.

Wheelchair Access: Afraid not, this time.

Additional notes: Open Now! (We built it for Xmas 2020, but COVID happened… So, its open now!)