Alleyway (Closed)One body. One killer. One hour to solve the case.

Alleyway will pit your team’s wits against a psychopath with a vendetta. Can you catch the killer and escape with your life?

Alleyway (Closed)

In Alleyway, Professor Clockwork will send your team into a pitch-black alley, deep in the heart of the city, to track down and identify a murderer. The police are destined to botch this job, but you have one hour to collect enough evidence to finger the correct suspect.

Light is your ally, but the supply is limited, and so you must use what little you have wisely.

This is no plasterboard-walled facsimile; the walls are brick, the smells is damp, the clock is ticking and the lights are out. Piece together the killer and you can walk away with your head held high, but take too long and you may not walk away at all…


Age Range: 12 Years – 82 Years.

Venue: Wolverhampton

Difficulty: You will be challenged.

Wheelchair Access: Access to the majority of the room. The inaccessible area does not require the entire team to enter it for you to get what you need.

Additional notes: This room is a dark alley, in a very real sense. It is indoors, so don’t worry about the weather, but you’ll find it rather dark and narrow. Also, due to the concrete floor, all mobile phones are banned from this room. Too many idiots dropping them, I’m afraid. Don’t worry, we have lockers for them.