Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure about something? Please check our FAQ before sending us a message.

What is Clockwork Escapes, and what is an escape room?

Clockwork Escapes is an escape room venue. Escape rooms are themed puzzle rooms, where you and a group of friends enter and must solve puzzles, find clues and unlock secrets to achieve your objective and escape – all within the 60 minutes of allotted time.

What games do you have?

Currently Clockwork Escapes host multiple escape rooms; you can browse our current offerings here on our Rooms page.

How many people can go?

Our rooms are suitable for as few as two or as many as six in one team. Ideally, your team will be four or five.

Who should I take?

Friends, family, coworkers, whoever! Clockwork Escapes is a great bonding experience, and is perfect for a family day out, a group of friends, a corporate team building event, or even your hen or stag do.

How taxing are the puzzles, physically?

Physical strength and speed are not necessary to solve any of our locked rooms. Only a tenacious mind, lateral thinking and a good eye will win the day…

I’m pregnant, or have a condition – is it safe for me?

Nothing in the rooms is physically taxing or demanding. There is also no concern for those that wish to leave mid-game – there is constant contact with the game manager should it be required.

What if I have claustrophobia?

Although some of the areas in our locked rooms have small and enclosed spaces, you always have the option to simply leave the room should the environment become too overwhelming. You are never truly trapped, and special measures have been taken to ensure player safety and comfort.

Are your rooms suitable for those with a disability?

Although our rooms have been designed with accessibility in mind, we cannot verify that our rooms will be suitable for you without hearing your specific needs. Please contact us to let us know before booking.

Are there any seizure triggers, smoke or flashing lights?

Care has been taken to keep our rooms free from such elements. We may use smoke effects to enhance certain environments – please let us know before entering you room if you do not wish these to be used.

Can I play drunk?

Please don’t. If you arrive to your game under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other impairment, we refuse the right to entry.

When can I play?

We accept bookings in advance only – please head over to our booking page to arrange your escape experience in advance.

How long is the game?

You will have 60 minutes to achieve your mission and escape the room, starting the moment the door closes. We please ask that all players arrive ready to start around 10 minutes before your booked time.

I’m going to be late!

If you think you’re going to miss your booked slot, please try to contact us – in extenuating circumstances we may be able to work around a late arrival time, such as starting you off with a time penalty. If you do arrive after your allotted start time however, we reserve the right to cancel your game without a refund being given.

Where is Clockwork Escapes?

We’re located in Wolverhampton city centre, and on the outskirts of Telford. Please check our Find Us page for maps, directions and instructions via car or rail.