Blood on the clocktowerTrue friends stab you in the front…
Ravenswood Bluff has a Demon problem.
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Blood on the Clocktower @ The Social Deduction Study

True friends stab you in the front…

THIS IS NOT AN ESCAPE ROOM. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it…

The Professor has built a lovely room for the specific purpose of traitorous intent and rampant backstabbing!

The Social Deduction Study will feature many different games over the coming years, but our first game in residence is Blood on the Clocktower!

A creation of The Pandemonium Institute, Blood on the Clocktower collects up to 15 players and challenges them to uncover who amongst them are the murderous Demon and their Minions. Can the Good team of Townfolk slay the Demon before the town is destroyed?

What you beginners need to know:

  • THIS IS NOT AN ESCAPE ROOM – This is a large social game where the puzzle to solve is the nature of your neighbours.
  • You book a seat, not a whole room – This game is for up to 15 players and I don’t expect you to bring 14 friends! Which means…
  • You will be playing with people that you’ve never met before – I know, it’s terrifying, but you’ll like them! Until they betray you… or you betray them…
  • The Professor will be you host – The Professor will preside over events from his podium and will explain all of the rules to you, it’s quite simple really!
  • 18+ Years Old Only – The game may well involve private chats between players, so an age limit is required.
  • Scheduled for 90 – 120 Minutes – Each game will run between 1.5 and 2 hours and is cheaper than a 1 hour escape room! The Professor is far too generous…
  • Don’t Worry, You’re Going To Love It! – The Professor has run test groups for all ages for months and everyone loves it! Come give it a try.

What experienced players might want to know:

  • The Social Deduction Study – The games take place in a specially designed room full of lighting, sound, and other effects. (Frankly the Professor put way too much money into it…)
  • You Can Play Repeatedly – Each game brings new players into the fold and changes the dynamics. You’re welcome to come back as often as you like for more traitorous fun.
  • Limited Weekly Games – We’ll be starting with one game per week, then we’ll expand to 2 or 3 once things are rolling. So space is very much limited. On the upside, it’s far more likely we’ll hit a full 15 player game each night. Check the booking page for specific dates.
  • You Can Book Private Sessions – Working out a few details, and it will be more expensive than playing the public games, but feel free to contact The Professor about private sessions for 7-15 players.

What Blood on the Clocktower veterans probably want to know:

  • We’ll Start with Trouble Brewing – We’ll be running the Trouble Brewing script for new players, however…
  • Veterans Nights Are Coming! – After each game, players will receive a stamp on their Veterans Card. After 3 stamps you will be given access to our Veterans Nights, where new scripts will be brought in for added complexity and excitement. (This prevents first-timers from being thrown into difficult scripts)
  • Not Affiliated with The Pandemonium Institute – We love the Institute’s game, thus we’re making it the first that we invite you to join in playing within the Social Deduction Study, but to be clear: We are not affiliated with The Pandemonium Institute, nor did we design, make, or change the game in any way. All rights related to Blood on the Clocktower remain with The Pandemonium Institute. We just think the game is really cool! If you like it, we can point you towards buying your own copy!


Age Requirement: 18+ years old

Venue: Telford

Complexity: Putting things together is tough, but you’ll get better the more you play.

Wheelchair Access: No problem!

Additional notes: 

This is NOT an escape room and you WILL be playing with other people beyond your normal group. Don’t worry, this is a good thing!

This experience is found at our Telford venue, Clockwork Escapes Telford. Please check the location and travel plans carefully.