How do escape rooms work?

1. Gather your team of two to six players

2. Get locked in a mysterious room together

3. Search for clues, find items and solve puzzles

4. You have 60 minutes to escape!

Visit Clockwork Escapes in Wolverhampton

A unique escape room venue with true character

Each of the themed locked rooms is a race against the clock to escape. But they’re also more than that. At Clockwork Escapes, you will aid the proprietor, the exuberant Professor Clockwork, in achieving one of a number of tasks whilst in the room of your choosing. Will you enter the Alleyway, a dingy back street where a psychotic killer has been adding to his kill count? The Professor can only keep the mysterious door to this place open so long, and without your help, the killer may go free forever…

Or will you accept Professor Clockwork’s invitation to an exclusive viewing of The Nolan Exhibit? Many priceless artifacts and artworks will be on display - and the Professor requires your services to retrieve the most valuable object of them all.

So step right up, take a deep breath, and book your room today. After all, what’s the worst that could happen in 60 minutes?